Every day there are tons of goods running on our streets to farms, factories, industries and finally to our home. I want to give a visual dimension to this world and break it into every parts that combined can move objects. I don’t want also to photograph the largest scale of the phenomena (such as ships or planes) because I want that the viewer can relates to this reality. I searched for roads, warehouses, refinery plants, trucks, and so on. 
I call this project Aquarium because as a fish in our aquarium we se things moving around us while we are gently waiting for a delivery. That’s also the reason why I took all the pictures during storms, because it gives us the feeling of a distorted view to the reality.
This project, as all my projects, is not critic or politically in any way. My purpose is only to represent through pictures a world that every day is more complicated and in the process I focus my attention to the word “reconnection”. 
I truly believe that technology and humanity are the two pieces of the same pie. With my work I’m trying to collect crumbs that we risk to lose during the journey.